MRCPCH Communication skills - 11 podcasts

The MRCPCH communication skills bundle contains 11 individual podcasts covering communication skills as part of the MRCPCH syllabus, with model answers and tips to provide you with all you need to prepare for your professional membership exams.

The MRCPCH communication skills podcasts cover:

  • Ethics - withdrawal of Care (Author: Dr Emma Hubbard)
  • Preterm counselling (Author: Dr Meg Pearson)
  • Teaching neonatal jaundice to an F1 (Author: Dr Stuart Barfield)
  • Prescribing error (Author: Dr Laura Roe)
  • Severe constipation (Author: Dr Harriet Baraclough)
  • Child protection (Author: Dr Deb Carr/Dr Stuart Barfield)
  • Managing a failing junior (Author: Dr Dora Marlow)
  • Immunisations (Author: Dr Dora Marlow)
  • New diagnosis of Down Syndrome (Author: Dr Amy Winter)
  • Consent for a lumbar puncture (Author: Dr Stuart Barfield)
  • Breastfeeding advice (Author: Dr Samantha Hardman)

Reviewed by Dr Dan Yeomanson, Dr Anand Sharma, Dr Sanjay Suri, Dr Hazel Clargo, Dr Diarmud Kerrin, Dr Rowena Yates, Dr Kay Tyerman, Dr Neil Harrower, Dr Razia Petkar, Dr Rachel Riddell



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