Complete MRCPCH bundle - 62 podcasts

The complete MRCPCH bundle contains 62 individual podcasts covering the complete MRCPCH syllabus, with model answers and tips to provide you with all you need to prepare for your professional membership exams. 

    Our paediatrics podcasts are written by successful candidates who have insight and experience of the MRCPCH exam, and are reviewed by experienced consultants with detailed knowledge of the education standards. 

    Our podcasts aim to arm you with practical guidance and advice to pass your stations and exams. Most of content is written with a view to longevity; however, Dr Podcast is not a substitute for local or national guidelines.

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    Cardiovascular system (8 podcasts)

    • Ventricular Septal Defect (Author: Dr Mary Salams)
    • Atrioventricular Septal Defect (Author: Dr Dora Wood)
    • Aortic stenosis (Author: Dr Simon Hardman)
    • Pulmonary stenosis (Author: Dr Josephine Murphy)
    • Acyanotic congenital heart disease (Author: Dr Leila Rittey)
    • Cyanotic and complex congenital heart disease (Author: Dr Dora Wood)
    • Innocent murmur (Author: Dr Lekshmy Prasad)
    • Pacemaker (Author: Dr Leila Rittey)

    Reviewed by Dr Porus Bustani, Dr Simon Clark, Dr Dominic Hares, Dr Sunitha Sampath and Dr Anand Sharman

    Respiratory system (5 podcasts)

    • Asthma (Author: Dr Laura Roe)
    • Bronchiolitis (Author: Dr Sophie Brett)
    • Chronic lung disease (Author: Dr Barry O'Donoghue)
    • Bronchiectasis (Author: Dr Elaina Lizen)
    • Cystic Fibrosis (Author: Dr Matt Nash)

    Reviewed by Dr Kelechi Ugonna, Dr Noreen West, Dr Diarmud Kerrin

    Abdominal system (10 podcasts)

    • Hepatomegaly (Author: Dr Lauren Tunstall)
    • Splenomegaly (Author: Dr Jenny Salvanos)
    • Hepatosplenomegaly (Author: Dr Harriet Barraclough)
    • Jaundice (Author: Dr Kavitha Jayaprakash)
    • Abdominal scars (Author: Dr Harriet Barraclough
    • Transplanted kidney (Author: Dr Hannah Hardisty)
    • Hernia (Author: Dr Matt Nash)
    • Gastrostomy and portacath (Author: Dr Kate Skone)
    • Crohn's disease (Author: Dr Jessica Wan)
    • Stoma (Author: Dr Laura Roe)

    Reviewed by Dr Marumbo Mtegha, Dr Sally Connolly, Dr Martin Christian, Mr Sean Marven,Dr Natalia Nedelkopoulou

    Neurological system (10 podcasts)

    • Spastic diplegia (Author: Dr Julie Brent)
    • Dystonia (Author: Dr Ala Fadliah)
    • Muscular dystrophy (Author: Dr Kate Skone)
    • Ataxia (Author: Dr Shyam Mariguddi)
    • Spina Bifida (Author: Dr Min Ong)
    • Hydrocephalus and shunt (Author: Dr Kate Skone)
    • Guillain-Barré (Author: Helen Dale)
    • Hypotonia (Author: Dr Indu Mathy/Dr Stuart Barfield)

    Reviewed by Dr Anthony Hart, Dr Santosh Mordekar, Dr Sanjay Suri, Dr Karen Pysden

    Musculoskeletal system (5 podcasts)

    • pGALS approach to examination (Author: Dr Mark Atherton)
    • Juvenile idiopathc arthiritis (Author: Dr Ellie Hay)
    • Henoch Schonlein Purpura (Author: Dr Harriet Barraclough)
    • Osteogenesis imperfecta (Author: Dr Fawaz Arshad)
    • Achondroplasia (Author: Dr Elizabeth Gregson)

    Reviewed by Dr Ezzedin Gouta, Dr Naveen Naganna, Dr Pawankumar Sharma, Dr Paul Arundel

    Endocrine system (2 podcasts)

    • Diabetes with insulin pump (Author: Dr Alison Low)
    • Obesity including Prader-Willi (Author: Dr Alison Low)

    Reviewed by Dr Eleanor McCowen, Dr Razia Petkar

    Neonates (3 podcasts)

    • Cleft lip and palette (Author: Dr Helen Newsome)
    • Microcephaly (Author: Dr Anne Bean)
    • Macrocephaly (Author: Dr Rebcca Lancaster)

    Reviewed by Dr Ezzedin Gouta, Dr Pawankumar Sharma

    Developmental assessment (4 podcasts)

    • Developmental examination - gross motor (Author: Dr Indu Mathay)
    • Developmental examination - fine motor (Author: Dr Kate Skone)
    • Developmental examination - speech and language (Author: Dr Kate Skone)
    • Developmental examination - social (Author: Dr Kate Skone)

    Reviewed by Dr Ruchi Sharma, Dr Rowena Yates Ugonna, Dr Noreen West, Dr Diarmud Kerrin

    Communication skills (11 podcasts)

    • Ethics - withdrawal of Care (Author: Dr Emma Hubbard)
    • Preterm counselling (Author: Dr Meg Pearson)
    • Teaching neonatal jaundice to an F1 (Author: Dr Stuart Barfield)
    • Prescribing error (Author: Dr Laura Roe)
    • Severe constipation (Author: Dr Harriet Baraclough)
    • Child protection (Author: Dr Deb Carr/Dr Stuart Barfield)
    • Managing a failing junior (Author: Dr Dora Marlow)
    • Immunisations (Author: Dr Dora Marlow)
    • New diagnosis of Down Syndrome (Author: Dr Amy Winter)
    • Consent for a lumbar puncture (Author: Dr Stuart Barfield)
    • Breastfeeding advice (Author: Dr Samantha Hardman)

    Reviewed by Dr Dan Yeomanson, Dr Anand Sharma, Dr Sanjay Suri, Dr Hazel Clargo, Dr Diarmud Kerrin, Dr Rowena Yates, Dr Kay Tyerman, Dr Neil Harrower, Dr Razia Petkar, Dr Rachel Riddell

    Other stations (6 podcasts)

    • Nephrotic syndrome (Author: Dr Stuart Barfield)
    • Eczema (Author: Dr Elaina Lizen)
    • Psoriasis (Author: Dr Madeline Mackay)
    • Down syndrome (Author: Dr Kate Skone)
    • Neurofibromatosis (Author: Dr Laura Roe)
    • Turner syndrome (Author: Dr Ellie Hay)

    Reviewed by Dr Neil Harrower, Dr Gail Moss,  Dr Kavi Aucharaz, Dr Diarmud Kerrin






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