Frequently asked questions


What is the format of the podcasts and will they be compatible with my player?

The podcasts are in MP3 format, which is compatible with all MP3 players and mobile phones. 
What is the duration of the podcasts?

The run time of the podcasts is about 12 minutes on average. However, the longest is 40 minutes in duration and the shortest is 3 minutes.
How much do the podcasts cost?

Each podcast bundle (anaesthetics, medicine and surgery) is priced at £99.00. We do not charge per podcast in the bundle, instead we charge an equal price across all bundles for the necessary content needed to pass each exam. 
Are the texts of the podcasts available after purchasing the audio podcast?

When you purchase podcasts on the Dr Podcast website you are purchasing just the audio podcasts. There is no associated text version of the podcasts.

However, we did publish the Primary FRCA and Final FRCA texts in book form and these are available from the Amazon store.


How do I purchase podcasts?

Find the podcast bundle you want to buy and click the 'add to cart’ button. The item will appear in your cart. If you wish to complete your purchase click ‘Checkout’. Check the items you are purchasing and complete your personal details. If you have discount code, please add it now and click ‘apply’.

Click ‘Continue to payment method’. Complete your credit/debit card information and when ready click ‘Complete order’. You will get an immediate confirmation if your transaction was successful or if it failed. 

If the payment was successful, you will also receive two emails: confirmation email with a receipt and an email with a download link. Please remember that you can download your podcasts only once and only on a desktop device (computer or a laptop).

How do I claim the podcasts that my training organisation has made available to me?

Some organisations provide free podcasts as a revision resource for their trainees. Please go to the podcast bundle you are entitled to and follow the checkout process. On the payment page, please add the discount code issued to you by your organisation. This will allow you to download podcasts for free.

Can I buy a book version of the Primary FRCA or Final FRCA podcasts?

Yes. You can buy the scripts of both our Primary FRCA podcasts in our first book, "Dr Podcast Scripts for the Primary FRCA" and the scripts of our Final FRCA podcasts in our second book, "Dr Podcast Scripts for the Final FRCA". Click on the links above to see the books in the Amazon store (opens in a new window).

What are our terms and conditions of sale?

Please read our full terms and conditions of sale


How do I download podcasts?

Purchased podcasts can be downloaded only once. You must download them to a computer or a laptop ; you cannot download to a mobile phone or a tablet device.

You can access the download link from the checkout page or email you will receive after completing the purchase.

If you are an Internet Explorer user, please right click on the download link and select "Save Target As..."
If you are a Firefox user, please right click on the download link and select "Save Link As..."
If you are a Safari user on a Mac, please press the Ctrl key on your keyboard and at the same time click on the download link. Then select "Download Linked File As..."

Our podcast bundles are packaged as ZIP files. To access individual podcasts within the bundle, you must extract the content by unzipping the folder (most operating systems have that functionality). If you have problems unzipping files with your operating system, you can use Winzip website

Once your podcasts are in your possession, it will be your responsibility to ensure they are safely kept. We suggest that you make back-up copies just in case your computer hard drive fails and you lose the data on it.

Once you have the MP3 podcast files downloaded, you may upload them to your MP3 player or mobile device. Please follow the instructions for your player.
Can I download my podcasts directly to my phone/tablet?

No. You must download your podcasts to a computer or a laptop. You may purchase the podcasts on a phone/tablet but you must perform the download on a computer/laptop.

If you want to get your podcasts from your computer/laptop onto a phone or tablet, you need download them to a computer/laptop and then use the synchronisation software that comes with the phone/tablet to upload the podcasts to the audio player app in the phone/tablet. 
How much space do the podcasts take up on my computer?

For podcast bundles we'll use the example of the Primary FRCA podcasts. The bundle of 90 Primary FRCA podcasts is 550Mb in one large ZIP achieve file. This ZIP file contains the 90 MP3 podcast files and should take about 45 minutes to download on a 2Mb/s broadband internet connection.
How do I import my podcasts into iTunes?

Once you’ve extracted MP3 fIles from the ZIP file, start iTunes and click "File" on the main menu. Click "Add to library...." and then navigate to the folder you used to store your podcasts. Then select the podcast or podcasts you wish to import. Click OK and the podcasts will be added to iTunes. Then Sync to your iPod, iPhone or iPad and the podcasts will appear in the device's "MUSIC" App.

Look under "Albums" then the name of the podcast subject eg "Primary FRCA”. or look under "Artist" under the name of "Dr Podcast" where you will find your albums.

Make sure that the option to sync "Music" is correctly set in iTunes (click on the appropriate device under DEVICES in the list on the left of the screen and then on the MUSIC button at the top of the screen).

Please note that the MP3 podcast files are not moved into iTunes but stay in your folder because iTunes either makes a copy into its own folders or records where the files are saved. This behaviour can be set up in the iTunes "Preferences".
Are the podcasts compatible with iTunes Match?

No, they are not currently compatible, but they can be made to work with with iTunes Match if you follow the instructions below.

Our podcasts are fully compatible with iTunes when used in the standard way. All the Dr Podcast material will sync correctly to your iPhone or iPad without any problem. However, if you switch iTunes Match to ON then our podcasts will be reported as not eligible for upload.

The iTunes Match service allows you to have all of your music stored in the cloud and be synced automatically to all your devices (ie iPhones and iPads). It does this by looking at your own library and for each piece of music it loads the corresponding piece from the Apple library of music to your own cloud account. For any pieces in your library that are not in the Apple library then your piece will be uploaded to the cloud. However, some file types are considered as not eligible for this. Our podcasts are not eligible as their bit rates are lower than 96kbps. They have been set to 64kbps so as to save space on your device.

The solution to this problem is either to switch iTunes Match to OFF and to not use the cloud sync service, or to convert the Dr Podcast audio material to AAC file format. This can be achieved by following this link. (This opens in a new tab or window). If you follow the instructions in the 4th posting then the podcasts should become compatible with iTunes Match.

Please note that this information is valid as of September 2016. The issue described above may be resolved if Apple update iTunes Match to allow it to operate with audio files such as those of Dr Podcast.
How will my podcasts appear on my MP3 player?

The podcasts will appear under the 'Artist' label as 'Dr Podcast'. The album name should appear as the podcast category, eg 'Final FRCA'. All individual podcasts will be visible once you open the album.
How do I make a CD of your podcasts which I can play in the CD player in my car?

To write podcasts on a CD, please use a blank Audio CD. Insert the CD into your computer/laptop and follow the computer’s instructions to burn a CD. Please make sure that the size of the CD is big enough to fit all of your podcast files. 

If the size of the podcasts is bigger than than the size of CD, you will be asked to insert another disc to continue burning the remaining files.


I have lost my podcasts due to a computer problem. What can I do?

If you have lost your podcasts through no fault of your own and wish to download them again, please contact us. Give us details of your problem, your email address and your postal address. We will then email you with instructions. We can only re-send download links within 18 months of your original purchase and you'll need to show proof of purchase. 
I accidentally downloaded my podcasts to the wrong device - can I download them again?

If you clicked on the download link while on your mobile device, the link will become inactive and you won't be able to download podcasts to your computer. Please contact us with details of your problem, your email address and postal code. We'll email you with further instructions.
I can't access my account from the old Dr Podcast website (pre September 2016). What can I do?

All accounts created before September 2016 are inactive. If you order another podcast you'll have the option of creating a brand new account, or completing the purchase as a guest. If you need to access the list of podcasts you purchased in the past or download them again, please contact us with details of your problem, your email address and postal code. 
Do I get a VAT receipt?

Yes. After you have placed an order with Dr Podcast you will receive a confirmation email that serves as your VAT invoice.
I have lost my login password. What do I do?

If you have lost your login details please go to the login screen, click on the “Forgotten password” link and follow the instructions.


What Cookies are used on this website?

The Dr Podcast website requires Cookies to be accepted by your browser.  

For more detailed information please read our Cookie policy
Can I unsubscribe from the Dr Podcast mailing list?

We only send emails to our customers very occasionally. However, If you wish to unsubscribe from our mail-shots you can click on the unsubscribe link in the email you have received and we will not email you again.
What do our customers think about the Dr Podcast service?

"The Dr-Podcast revision podcasts are an excellent auditory revision aid that can be used on the train, bus, car or even bike on the way to work. They are useful revision aids after a hard-days work as they can be listened to on the sofa or whilst cooking dinner! The podcasts are well structured giving answers in a format suitable for primary and final FRCA VIVA/SAQs. The narrators are clear, concise and easy to listen to. I will be looking forward to future publications, and even feel they would be useful post final FRCA as a reminder before a teaching session with junior trainees"

"These recordings are fantastic... best thing I've discovered since my hunt for revision material started! Well done... Keep it up!"

"I found the primary podcasts immensely useful, they really did help me pass the primary exam last week. Looking forward to the final podcasts."
Are there any other resources I can view?

Please follow the links below for related resources: 

FRCAQ - online testing site for the Primary FRCA examination
Anaesthesia UK - an educational site for anaesthetic professionals