Complete Primary FRCA bundle - 90 podcasts

Our complete Primary FRCA bundle has 90 podcasts and offers more than 21 hours of audio material to prepare you for your professional medical examinations. This package contains all pharmacology, physics and physiology podcasts and is cheaper than buying these bundles separately.

Each podcast has been written by a successful candidate and reviewed by an experienced consultant.

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Pharmacology (30 podcasts)

  • Agonists and antagonists (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Analgesics (Author: Dr Dana L Kelly)
  • ANS and adrenergic receptors (Author: Dr Yvette G M Coldicott & Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Anti-arrhythmic agents (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Anti-convulsant agents (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Anti-emetic agents (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Anti-hypertensive agents (Author: Dr Caroline V Sampson)
  • Antibiotics (Author: Dr Caroline S G Janes)
  • Anticholinesterases (Author: Dr Yvette G M Coldicott)
  • Anticoagulant agents (Author: Dr Archana Panickar)
  • Benzodiazepines (Author: Dr Dana L Kelly)
  • Blood brain barrier (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Drug action and receptors (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Drug interactions (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Drugs acting on the GI tract (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Etomidate and ketamine (Author: Dr Joy M Sanders)
  • Hypoglycaemic agents (Author: Dr Yvette G M Coldicott)
  • Inhalational agents (Author: Dr Joy M Sanders)
  • Inotropes (Author: Dr Caroline V Sampson)
  • Isomers (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Local anaesthetics (Author: Dr Yvette G M Coldicott)
  • MAC (Author: Dr Yvette G M Coldicott)
  • Neuromuscular blocking agents (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Nitrous oxide (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Pharmacokinetics (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Pharmacokinetics 2 (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Propofol and thiopentone (Author: Dr Joy M Sanders)
  • Statistical analysis (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Statistical data (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Suxamethonium (Author: Dr Caroline S G Janes)

Physics (30 podcasts)

  • Biological signals (Author: Dr Adrian Clarke)
  • Blood pressure measurement (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Breathing systems (Author: Dr Dana L Kelly)
  • Capnography (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Cardiac output measurement (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Cylinders and gas supply (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Defibrillators (Author: Dr Natashi A Joshi)
  • Electrical safety (Author: Dr Joy M Sanders)
  • Electricity (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Electrocardiogram (Author: Dr Adrian Clarke)
  • Flow (Author: Dr Caroline V Sampson)
  • Gas laws (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Heat loss (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Humidification (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Intracranial pressure measurement (Author: Dr Caroline S G Janes)
  • Lasers and diathermy (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Measurement of anaesthetic agents (Author: Dr Caroline V Sampson)
  • Measurement of gas volume and flow (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Neuromuscular monitoring (Author: Dr Dana L Kelly)
  • Oxygen measurement (Author: Dr Natasha A Joshi)
  • pH and CO2 measurement (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Pressure measurement (Author: Dr Archana Panickar)
  • Pulse oximetry (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Resonance and damping (Author: Dr Henry Murdoch)
  • Scavenging (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • SI units (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Soda lime and CO2 absorption (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Temperature and its measurement (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Ultrasound (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Vaporisers (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)

Physiology (30 podcasts)

  • Acid-base physiology (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Action potentials (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Adrenals (Author: Dr Caroline V Sampson)
  • Altitude physiology (Author: Dr Caroline S G Janes)
  • Alveolar gas equation and shunt (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Cardiac cycle (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Cerebral circulation (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Coronary circulation (Author: Dr Sarah F Bell)
  • CSF (Author: Dr Sarah F Bell)
  • Exercise physiology (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Fluid balance (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Glucose and metabolism (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction (Author: Dr Joy M Sanders)
  • Immunology (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Liver and clotting (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Lung volumes (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Muscle physiology (Author: Dr Dana L Kelly)
  • Neuromuscular junction (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Oxyhaemoglobin dissociation curve (Author: Dr Caroline S G Janes)
  • Pacemaker cells (Author: Dr Natasha A Joshi)
  • Pituitary and endocrine function (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Proteins and haemoglobin (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Reflex arc (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Renal physiology (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Respiratory compliance (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Spinal cord (Author: Dr Natasha A Joshi)
  • Starvation and stress response (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Thyroid gland (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Valsalva manoeuvre (Author: Dr Sarah F Bell)
  • Ventilation, perfusion and dead space (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)

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