Primary FRCA physics - 30 podcasts

Our physics bundle has 30 podcasts to prepare you for your professional medical exams. Each has been written by a successful candidate and reviewed by an experienced consultant.

For best value, have a look at our complete Primary FRCA bundle which offers 90 podcasts covering: pharmacology, physics and physiology. 

 All individual podcast topics are listed below.

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  • Biological signals (Author: Dr Adrian Clarke)
  • Blood pressure measurement (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Breathing systems (Author: Dr Dana L Kelly)
  • Capnography (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Cardiac output measurement (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Cylinders and gas supply (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Defibrillators (Author: Dr Natashi A Joshi)
  • Electrical safety (Author: Dr Joy M Sanders)
  • Electricity (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Electrocardiogram (Author: Dr Adrian Clarke)
  • Flow (Author: Dr Caroline V Sampson)
  • Gas laws (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Heat loss (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Humidification (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Intracranial pressure measurement (Author: Dr Caroline S G Janes)
  • Lasers and diathermy (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Measurement of anaesthetic agents (Author: Dr Caroline V Sampson)
  • Measurement of gas volume and flow (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Neuromuscular monitoring (Author: Dr Dana L Kelly)
  • Oxygen measurement (Author: Dr Natasha A Joshi)
  • pH and CO2 measurement (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Pressure measurement (Author: Dr Archana Panickar)
  • Pulse oximetry (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Resonance and damping (Author: Dr Henry Murdoch)
  • Scavenging (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • SI units (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Soda lime and CO2 absorption (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Temperature and its measurement (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Ultrasound (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Vaporisers (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)

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