MRCPCH Other stations - 6 podcasts

The MRCPCH other stations bundle contains 6 individual podcasts covering other stations as part of the MRCPCH syllabus, including nephrology, dermatology and genetics with model answers and tips to provide you with all you need to prepare for your professional membership exams. 

The MRCPCH other stations podcasts cover: 

  • Nephrotic syndrome (Author: Dr Stuart Barfield)
  • Eczema (Author: Dr Elaina Lizen)
  • Psoriasis (Author: Dr Madeline Mackay)
  • Down syndrome (Author: Dr Kate Skone)
  • Neurofibromatosis (Author: Dr Laura Roe)
  • Turner syndrome (Author: Dr Ellie Hay)

Reviewed by Dr Neil Harrower, Dr Gail Moss,  Dr Kavi Aucharaz, Dr Diarmud Kerrin


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