MRCPCH Abdominal System - 10 podcasts

The MRCPCH abdominal bundle contains 10 individual podcasts covering the abdominal system as part of the MRCPCH syllabus, with model answers and tips to provide you with all you need to prepare for your professional membership exams. 

The MRCPCH abdominal podcasts cover: 

  • Hepatomegaly (Author: Dr Lauren Tunstall)
  • Splenomegaly (Author: Dr Jenny Salvanos)
  • Hepatosplenomegaly (Author: Dr Harriet Barraclough)
  • Jaundice (Author: Dr Kavitha Jayaprakash)
  • Abdominal scars (Author: Dr Harriet Barraclough
  • Transplanted kidney (Author: Dr Hannah Hardisty)
  • Hernia (Author: Dr Matt Nash)
  • Gastrostomy and portacath (Author: Dr Kate Skone)
  • Crohn's disease (Author: Dr Jessica Wan)
  • Stoma (Author: Dr Laura Roe)

Reviewed by Dr Marumbo Mtegha, Dr Sally Connolly, Dr Martin Christian, Mr Sean Marven, Dr Natalia Nedelkopoulou


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