MRCS communication skills podcasts - 8 podcasts

Our MRCS communication skills bundle has 8 podcasts to prepare you for your professional medical exams. Each has been written by a successful candidate and reviewed by an experienced consultant.

For best value, have a look at our complete MRCS bundle which offers 180 podcasts covering: communication skills, clinical examinations, critical care, general surgical topics, pathology and physiology. 

All individual podcast topics are listed below.

History taking

  • History taking for a breast lump (Author: Miss Fiona Court ; Reviewed by: Miss Fiona Court)
  • History taking for colon cancer (Author: Miss Natalie Blencowe ; Reviewed by: Mr Robert Longman)
  • History taking for dysphagia (Author: Mr Steven Hornby ; Reviewed by: Mr Christopher Streets)
  • History taking for jaundice (Author: Mr Steven Hornby ; Reviewed by: Mr Richard Hedges)
  • History taking for joint pain (Author: Miss Joanna Maggs ; Reviewed by: Mr Tristan Barton)
  • History taking for peripheral arterial disease (Author: Miss Charlotte Ives ; Reviewed by: Miss Bee Martin)
  • History taking for reflux disease (Author: Miss Natalie Blencowe ; Reviewed by: Mr Dan Titcomb)

Information giving

  • Consent, breaking bad news and dealing with complaints (Author: Miss Nicola Dunne ; Reviewed by: Dr Gary Thomas)

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