Primary FRCA physiology - 30 podcasts

Our physiology bundle has 30 podcasts to prepare you for your professional medical exams. Each has been written by a successful candidate and reviewed by an experienced consultant.

For best value, have a look at our complete Primary FRCA bundle which offers 90 podcasts covering: pharmacology, physics and physiology. 

 All individual podcast topics are listed below.

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  • Acid-base physiology (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Action potentials (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Adrenals (Author: Dr Caroline V Sampson)
  • Altitude physiology (Author: Dr Caroline S G Janes)
  • Alveolar gas equation and shunt (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Cardiac cycle (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Cerebral circulation (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Coronary circulation (Author: Dr Sarah F Bell)
  • CSF (Author: Dr Sarah F Bell)
  • Exercise physiology (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Fluid balance (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Glucose and metabolism (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction (Author: Dr Joy M Sanders)
  • Immunology (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Liver and clotting (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Lung volumes (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Muscle physiology (Author: Dr Dana L Kelly)
  • Neuromuscular junction (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Oxyhaemoglobin dissociation curve (Author: Dr Caroline S G Janes)
  • Pacemaker cells (Author: Dr Natasha A Joshi)
  • Pituitary and endocrine function (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Proteins and haemoglobin (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Reflex arc (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Renal physiology (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Respiratory compliance (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)
  • Spinal cord (Author: Dr Natasha A Joshi)
  • Starvation and stress response (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Thyroid gland (Author: Dr Emily K Johnson)
  • Valsalva manoeuvre (Author: Dr Sarah F Bell)
  • Ventilation, perfusion and dead space (Author: Dr Rebecca A Leslie)

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